Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As time goes by....

This week has gone so quickly and it's getting more and more stressful the closer we get to our trip. Hubby is complaining that we haven't saved enough money, I'm complaining that he's not showing enough admiration or support since I'm been working like a dog to make some money to put towards the trip, Emily isn't sleeping properly and is cutting her eye teeth, and all the while time is ticking by.

Today was my day off but the whole day was filled with work. I managed to get a hair appointment in early this morning but I didn't even have time for my hairdresser to dry me off before rushing out the door to pick up Emily from Mum and Dads as they had an appointment to go to. After that I made two dresses and a pair of pants for the Saturday Night Market at Beechworth.

My Nana taught me to cook as a way of keeping me out of trouble since I was such a busy little girl. She looked out for me years ago and today using her old crock pot to make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight I felt like she was still looking out for me. Thanks God she left that old crock pot to me along with several other cooking utensils. At 6pm when Emily was having a meltdown and hubby came in looking for food I proudly announced dinner was made and at least that was one thing he couldn't complain about today.

Tomorrow is another full on day in the shop and I hope I remember to bank and get change for the market.

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