Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cockroaches and Sleepless Nights

All day today I wanted to go home and sew. Of course tonight all I've managed to do is cut out one single dress.

I'm so tired with Emily waking four times last night and then my hubby wakes at 4am because a bloody big cockroach was having a lovely time sitting on his mouth!

Yes you read that correctly. He woke with a start because a cockroach had decided to run across his mouth and face and another was perched next to his glass of water on the bedside table. Uugghh! Disgusting!

He had to basically disinfect his mouth and face before I would let him back in the bed. And of course as soon as we turned the light off and started to drift back to sleep Emily woke again.

I have no idea what is going on with her. I'm putting it down to a growth spurt and teething. She didn't sleep again today and hardly ate, but was otherwise happy. So oh well, such is life and I'm sure it's just another phase.

Anyway, to top my day off I've managed to get bronchitis.....again! It always stats as hayfever (that was a week and a half ago) and turns into a sinus infection (at which point I went to the doctors who prescribed me antibiotics but I thought I was superwoman and could fight the infection with shear willpower) and ends up being a full blown bronchial infection (and now I sound like Muttly when I cough).

This infection is highly inconvenient and I should have just taken the antibiotics last week. Now I'm sick, don't feel like doing anything and I have at least two more dresses to make before Saturday plus a load of bookwork and website work to do in the shop.

Tomorrow morning I thankfully get some me time as I'm getting my hair done. After that it's off to the chemist to get the antibiotics and then home to sew like a mad woman. Hopefully I can get the last two done tomorrow and then Thursday and Friday I can make extras like skirts and pants.

For now it's off to bed and I'm praying Emily will sleep through tonight.

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