Sunday, January 22, 2012

Handmade SquigglePop

Why is handmade so damn popular at the moment? I would love to be creative and make something divine that people loved and wanted and I could sell in my little children's clothing shop. I can sew, I can copy, I can color, but coming up with an original idea is something I would struggle with.

I have several handmade suppliers in my shop, all of whom I love. The way I usually choose what to stock is common sense. "Would I buy it?" is first and foremost. Sometimes they're items I've purchased at markets and fallen in love with and then approached the creator to see if they want to supply. Most importantly it has to be original. There's no point in me stocking something everyone else has.

I think this blog I read today said it perfectly:

The tale of the grey Rhombus! (why copying matters in the handmade world)

Mrs SquigglePop also  makes gorgeous terry backed bibs. Now there's nothing different about that I hear you say. But when she puts them into cute little noodle boxes with her bungy cords they all of a sudden become this very original baby shower gift idea!

So now here's what happens when you hand make something and it becomes a hit. I now have mothers coming in saying "so-and-so i my mothers group had this gorgeous bib and matching dummy cord by SquigglePop and she told me you sell them" Viola! The rest is history.

I've just put a big order into SquigglePop as her bibs and bungy cords were so popular in the lead up to Christmas that I've almost sold out. Every time I receive a parcel from her it's like opening a present because unlike buying from big name labels, I never know what designs I'm getting. I can't wait for this lot to arrive!


  1. How adorable! If I had a baby I would buy these..mine are too old now:(
    I find creating things myself difficult too. I always see amazing things and think if only.
    My creativity doesnt stretch far much to my disappointment but i think practice and "stuff ups" give inspiration sometimes.
    xx Debb

  2. you won you won!!


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