Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Productive Day

I feel a bit like I'm back at school today. I spent the afternoon sticking pictures of the stock I ordered from Eternal Creation into a scrap book which will become my Bearly Worn Look Book. It's a place where I can refer when ordering stock because sometimes you want your kids clothing labels to mix and match, sometimes you have jackets in one label but no hat so you might need to order that from another label. Mostly it's because I order stock so far in advance I forget what I'm supposed to be getting.

This season is going to be so exciting. There's lots of navy, red, black and white and greys coming in. I love strong winter colors. It makes the wet, grey days bearable. Last year I complained that I couldn't find a decent winter coat for Miss E so I'm extra excited about the ones I've ordered as they'll definitely keep out wind chill.

It can be very tempting to raid the shop sometimes for gorgeous outfits for Miss E. This is easily fixed with new stock as I just order double of her size  for that season. However when it comes to the handmade children's clothes, I'm in big trouble. I had two delivery's of stock today. The first was from C for Cat and she makes the most adorable reversible dresses in quirky and vintage style fabrics. I'm so low on her stock as it practically walks out the door as soon as it arrives, but today I really was tempted. Seriously who can resist this little number??

Next I had a delivery from A Dor able. Now this lady is particularly difficult to resist. Apart from her generous nature (she made my daughter a Christmas present "just because"), her choice of fabrics and the way she meticulously puts things together is unbelievable. She bought in this skirt with matching hair ties today. I'm pretty sure it won't last long....

Anyway that was my day. Resisting temptation and looking at beautiful things. Gee it's a hard life sometimes!

What did you do today?

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