Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've been a little quiet of late and whilst I could bore you with all the details of how crazy and ridiculously busy my life has been lately, I'll instead just tell you that:

1. My husband is back home with Emily and I finally!
2. The shop has opened and so far so good with the need to already re-order stock as it's been so busy
3. My website for the shop is almost done
4. We've realised life is way too busy and we now have a gardener/handyman who can pick up the slack and do all the jobs we never have time to do (this is huge for us since we're scrooges when it comes to stuff like this).

So that stuff out of the way I can resume blogging as normal right? Well I thought I might cover off one other area. I have consistently referred to my husband as 'hubby' but it's never sat well with me. It's my choice to blog about my life but he deserves some privacy so whilst I need to call him something, I don't want to use his name.

Our friends have often referred to him affectionately as Metroman. This is because he takes pride in his appearance, often goes to spa's for waxing and treatments, uses a face moisturiser and dresses like one of those models in a Country Road catalogue. He loves his labels and probably stresses more about what he's going to wear than I do. It's not uncommon for me to hear him say "I've got no clothes", something you'd expect from me, not him.

But he's also incredibly manly, fixing our daughters broken bike on the weekend, installing shelves in my shop, changing the flat tyre on my car etc.

So Metroman is a fitting name to refer to my husband. I'm so lucky that we got a second chance and in talking to him about my blog and how it helped me through all those nights where I thought I'd go insane with loneliness and despair, he said he wants support me in all area's of my life, including the shop and the blog.

I'm working on a post about his illness and how everything turned around. I think it's important to tell the story as I fund it so hard not knowing anyone going through our situation and people should know there can be a happy ending.

We're still working on ours and it's still one day at a time but every moment that passes and every day we get through gives us hope for a bright and happy future together.

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  1. Guess that makes my husband "Megamind", except he has got hair.


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