Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Confident Little Fairy

About a year ago, if I tried to drop Emily at childcare she would cling onto me so tightly and the childcare worker would have to pry her little arms from around my neck and I would leave in tears because my little girl could be heard screaming from the car park.

A change of childcare centres and a year later and I have one confident little girl. This morning for the first time EVER she walked confidently into her room....by herself.....without being carried!

It might have been the fairy costume she had on, it could have been the party music bellowing from her room, it could have been that she also had a full nights sleep the night before. Either way I was absolutely chuffed that she did it all by herself.

and yes she did have a top on..... but isn't just the budding little artist too! 

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