Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feeling Better.......

Today was my first day off in 9 days and boy did I need it! I finally feel a bit better and a bit more organised. Emily slept 12 hours straight last night which meant I finally got a good nights sleep and so I just had to start this morning with a special cooked breakfast for hubby and I. Emily even had her first boiled egg this morning so after a great start I figured some shopping, visiting and cleaning were in order.

  • Did the grocery shopping
  • Visited Mrs Doodlebug and picked the new logo for the shop
  • Did some more shopping and bought some winter pyjama's and an Elmo DVD about travelling
  • Cleaned the entire house including bathrooms, windows, vacuuming and crayon removal from walls
  • Colored
  • Danced to the new Elmo DVD
  • Made a lasagna for dinner

Now Emily is in bed, hubby is in his man cave and I am free to sit on the couch in a very clean house and blog away.

I'm trying really hard not to make my posts like an on-line diary of my daily events. I've never thought of myself as a writer but I guess that's what you do when you blog. I look at my blogging hero's to see what they do that makes them a success and there's a few things they have in common.

  • They blog every day - even if it's to say their day is shit and they have no time to blog
  • They're opinionated and they say what they think with no apologies
  • They're open about who they are, they don't hide their identity and we all know their names.
  • They always have pics, links or videos on their blogs so it's not just text
  • They are social media queens and regularly post on Facebook and Twitter
I can log in at any time and see what these women were up to. Late at night I often lie in bed with my i-phone and read their blogs and they're like a bunch of friends that I get to listen to each night before I go to sleep. They have interesting things to say and they make me laugh and cry.

My blogging hero's are Woogsworld, Edenland, BabyMac and retromummy. These women are inspirational to me because apart from having kids and and doing all the wonderful and selfless things mothers do, they've actually inspired so many other women and given an outlet for many of us to express ourselves.

Can you imagine what our mothers would have blogged about back in their day?

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