Sunday, February 19, 2012


So yesterday, since hubby was in Sydney on a "boys weekend" Miss E and I decided to do a little shopping. We were looking for a baby dolly as she's taken to playing with them at childcare (they play doctors and nurses hmmmmm). Now I don't know if you've been dolly shopping lately but on entering our local toy shop I was expecting to be hit with a wall of dolls to choose from. Not the case at all!

We had four choices.....

Lalaloopsy......a little too Coraline and unsafe for a 19 month old.

The Cabbage Patch Kid......They wanted about $80 for this ugly thing and it's half the size of the ones I had as a kid that cost $30!

Another ridiculously priced doll, hard plastic and not very baby-like.

I was getting really frustrated. What ever happened to a plain old plastic doll that looks like a baby?

We ended up with this one for $29.95 which we bought in the toy department at Myer.

Meet "Baby" or "Abbey" depending on what Miss E feels like calling it at the time. Since joining our family "Baby" has enjoyed several bottles, constant putting on and off of clothing, a few flights through the air, lots of kisses and some play dough meals. 

Hubby came home early this morning and we've spent the day enjoying each others company. This week will hopefully be a bit easier since we're all here until I go off to Sydney for the Kids in Style Expo. I'm so looking forward to it. Imagine every kids clothing label all under one roof showing off their wares for the following season! Hopefully it will give me lots to blog about.

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  1. These darn things are creepy! My girls carry these scary things around their necks and i too long for the dolls from my youth.


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