Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goal Setting

Today is all about goal setting. I'm reading lots of "I'm not doing New Years resolutions" on a lot of blogs at the moment and it got me thinking. In my head I know what I want to achieve this year but I've never publicly written it down and ticked off what I've done.

I have some personal goals (the usual) and some business goals I want to achieve so I'm writing them down and I'm going to tick them off as I achieve them all.

Here's my personal list:
  1. Loose 10kg (I think I start all lists like this!)
  2. Sort out my superannuation
  3. Pay off credit card
  4. Change Miss E from disposable to cloth nappies (she's incredibly tall and needs a narrow width so it's actually harder than it sounds)
  5. Finish the back garden beds
  6. Go on a holiday!
Here's my business list:
  1. Finish my 2012 Business Plan
  2. Finally conquer the paperwork and bookwork mountain
  3. Get one on-line sale a day
  4. Fix website so it's "prettier" and easier to use
  5. Add two new brands into the "New" section of the shop
  6. Sort out a new advertising budget and advertising that is consistent and targets the audience I want
  7. Become the Number 1 destination in Albury Wodonga region to buy kids clothes!
I really love the idea of sitting back at the end of the month, quarter or year and saying "Wow! Look what I did!". My list will probably grow and evolve over the course of the year and that's OK. As long as I have goals to achieve I'm moving forward rather than backward.

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