Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Just as I plant the new vegie patch we get a heatwave! By heatwave I mean 3-4 days of 35'C plus.

Today it hit the incredible 40'C and it was my first day back at work. No problem I thought, Miss E will be in childcare all day and I'll be at the shop. Wrong! Turns out the airconditioning at the shop isn't so great in 40'C. So sweltering away I managed to change the old Christmas window to a SALE! window, update the website and still met my sales  target by 12pm. Not too bad although I was very glad when 4pm came and I could close the doors.

Picking up Miss E and I notice that she's as cool as a cucumber but with major cabin fever. She's been stuck inside all day so the minute we get outside she goes mental and runs straight into the carpark. Thank God there were no cars!

Too hot to cook and too hot to eat. Is it acceptable to just eat ice-cream for dinner?

Managed to get Miss E off to bed however not without a bottle of milk (we're trying to wean her and so far we're hopeless at it).

Out to water the garden and it seems 3 sunflowers and some peas are so wilted I doubt they'll bounce back. I strangely feel sorry for them.

Back into the airconditioning and that lands me here....on my laptop.....blogging away while I watch Nigella's Kitchen and thinking of yummy dishes to create.

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