Sunday, July 8, 2012

Being Sick Sucks

It totally sucks being sick. I haven't been ill for well over 12 months so this is really unusual for me. Being self employed and a single mother brings a whole set of new problems when i get sick.

For example, last night in the midst of a major coughing fit a list of things went through my mind such as should I call an ambulance, should I call my mother, should I call my ex, am I just a big hypochondriac, what if I stop breathing and die and no one finds Emily for two days? It was scary.

Today for the first time I had to close the shop and put a sign up saying I'd be back tomorrow due to illness. That has never happened before.

The doctor has diagnosed me with Pleurisy so it's rest and a lot of antibiotics for me. If I don't get better by Thursday I have to go in for tests for Pneumonia. I seriously thought I'd just go in and he'd tell me I got a head cold on top of my bronchitis.

So I'm totally feeling sorry for myself, lying on the couch with nothing to watch on TV and I know I only have a certain number of hours before my whirlwind of a two year old gets home and totally exhausts me.

Time for some quick shut eye and hopefully feeling better when I wake up......

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