Monday, April 23, 2012

The Trip So Far

Well we made it! 40 hours to get here but we're finally in Ireland!

I thought I'd fill you in on the trip so far....

We took this at Singapore Airport. It's amazing that after sitting on a plane for the last 8 hours Emily still found the site of them landing a thrill....

Emily finally fell asleep on the last leg of the journey after much coaxing and crying. She looks sweet here but half an hour earlier she was a nightmare!

Day two and Emily was enjoying some time with her cousin while watching CBeebies. These two were born three hours apart on opposite sides of the world but their friendship has been instant and they are a joy to watch together.

My mother-in-law took me for a walk on this beach which was just gorgeous, although freezing cold, and absolutley pristine.

This is the view of the town of Dunfanaghy Co.Donegal where we're staying and it's taken from Horn Head which boasts the second highest sea cliff in the world.

Hubby has a cold so there's no going anywhere for a couple of days but this is really a blessing in disguise as it forces me to do nothing and just relax. The jet lag is finally subsiding so hopefully we'll get out and see some more sites this week.

What are your best travel tips?

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