Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Touring Around

We spent today driving around checking out the scenery and sites on the Atlantic Drive near Downing. It's bitterly cold so a great day to sit in a warm car and check out the amazing views and beautiful coastline.

Something that has been very noticeable since arriving is the effects of the recession. There are so many vacant houses for sale and businesses closed down. While driving through The North of Co. Donegal you see loads of almost finished houses that builders just abandoned when the recession hit. It's incredibly sad to see a country that was so prosperous suffering in this way. Amazingly the people are still happy and always have a funny story to tell and a smile on their face.

We stopped at a little pub call Glen Inn and the men in there were quite interested in what Australian life is like. They asked about recent flooding and the Victorian bush fires.

Now we're back at the house enjoying a glass of wine by the fire. Maybe we'll go to the Pub later and listen to some music. One things for sure, rain or shine its a fine life in Ireland.

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