Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What my six year old neice did today....

I was going to write about my day today. I was going to tell you how when I got to work I decided to put together the new Ikea bookcase that I drove 3 hours and battled crowds in a hot smelly warehouse to get, only to find that one side of the box had been damaged by what looked like a forklift tyne.

I was going to tell you how I ended up putting it together anyway because it would cost me more money and hassle to return it and just put the damaged side on the floor. It turned out pretty good!

I was going to tell you I put together a new window featuring Eternal Creation which is now on sale at 50% off and how proud I am to stock such a great Australian label that is Fair Trade certified.

I was going to tell you that on the way home I saw the most amazing site. Five grey kangaroo's eating green grass on an empty block in a residential street. Truly amazing that they weren't even freaked out when I pulled over, rolled the window down and started taking their photo's.

I was going to tell you that I am now relaxing with a Vodka, lemon and lime, blogging whilst my hubby sits next to me watching Star Wars (he's a massive nerd!).

But then I got an email. It was an invite for a blog. It was my 6 year old niece's blog! I'm not even going to debate whether she's too young to have one, I think it's cool. Six years old and already writing.

This is today's post....

The best friend club
In a school there was a girl. her name was Sarah. her best friends name was Milly.her 2nd best friend was Isi well also 1st!they were in the best friends club.they made necklaces.

One very proud auntie here.

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  1. That is charming. How wonderful that she enjoys writing!


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