Friday, December 30, 2011

Autumn Kitchen Garden

Sometimes I think I would make a great 1950's housewife! Today I decided to make use of the sunshine and put something in the huge garden bed we have out the back. 

When we moved in to this house it was full of weeds with a Manchurian Pear tree and a very messy Camellia that was in bad need of a prune. I managed to clear the garden bed of weeds and over the last 6 - 9 months I've been adding any garden leaves, prunings and grass clippings to the bed as it was almost empty of soil.

Today I added a layer of top soil. The mulch underneath would be so nutrient rich I decided against a Veggie Mix.

The most fun was picking what to put in. I decided on a border of herbs and chose parsley, oregano, basil, coriander, mint, chives and thyme. That would cover most of my common Italian, Thai and Indian dishes.  Behind the herb row I planted a row of white Vinca's and then a row of purple Lisianthus. This was to attract bee's for pollination. Some of the herbs also ward off certain pests in the veggie patch.

Next was the vegetables. I chose Rhubarb, Silverbeet, Corn, Sunflowers, Peas and some mini Tomatoes as the season for tomatoes is almost over. The Sunflowers should only take about 4 weeks to mature and once they're done I plan on using the seeds in salads. I'll then plant Kale, Celeriac and Carrots for yummy winter stews and soups.

The arms and shoulders are a bit sore tonight and even with all the re-applying of sunscreen I am still a little burnt, but looking at my delicious garden it is all worth it. I can't wait till February/March for harvest!

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