Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kids In Style 2012

So last Friday I headed off to Melbourne with my Mum for the Kids In Style Expo. I went to the Sydney expo back in February for the first time and it was mind boggling. Imagine every top kids fashion label, shoes and accessories and baby and kids products all under the one roof. They all want you to buy on the spot and you are bombarded with minimum spends, product information and the benefits of having their stuff in your shop.

This is why I took my Mum this time. I needed a seasoned shopper to help me make some important decisions about what kids clothing and products I was going to stock in my shop. Also it was Mum's birthday and since one of the things she loves most is shopping I thought this was a perfect way for her to spend the day.

So this is what we saw:

My favourite.... Gaia Organic Cotton.

I need these for Emily's next birthday party - cute little milk bottles from Lark

Owls Owls and more Owls!

The new Serentity Star from Aiden & Anais

Gorgeous & functional furniture from Gather Kids

Sandals from WALNUT Melbourne

Christmas rattles - I just love this as a display idea

Oshi-M - one of my new favourite suppliers for toddler gear

Lots of beautiful linen

Goo Collection

La De Dah Kids for classic toys

And then there were these..........

I understand why people take a week for these shows. They are huge and amazing and scary and wonderful. I had a ball and I can't wait till the next show in Sydney 2013!

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