Monday, August 20, 2012

Did Someone Say Salted Caramel?

On Saturday it was my birthday. It was my first birthday as a single Mum and I was in Melbourne away from my baby girl.

I'd celebrated with my bestie the night before at Mama Baba's and after visiting a few friends Saturday morning I thought I'd make one final stop before heading home to my girl. 

My stop was at Burch & Purchese.....just my all time favourite sweet studio in South Yarra! I almost didn't stop, the traffic on Chapel Street was so bad. Almost. Then a free car space appeared right in front of the shop and BAM! I was in there!

The place was crowded. Really crowded. I wouldn't even be able to see the salted caramel eclairs let alone get served. Where the hell did all these people come from?

And then I saw them.....

Hello boys!

She was so lovely and we chatted about Mama Baba and how she will be working for Adriano Zumbo in Sydney.

My stash....salted caramel chocolate, toasted macadamia caramelised white chocolate, a salted caramel eclair and a chocolate hazelnut tart. There's no such thing as too much caramel!

This is the chocolate hazelnut tart.....Yum!

After that it was the 3 hour drive home to Albury and I couldn't wait to see my little girl. I arrived to a home cooked birthday dinner at Mums and Emily had already been bathed and in her jammies. Those little arms around my neck was all I needed. 

Opening my birthday present from Emily. It was a photo frame with "Best Mummy" inscribed on it.

All up it was a great weekend. Emily and I spent Sunday together having lunch out with Mum and Dad and catching up on the mundane, housework and grocery shopping. I have managed to keep almost all of the Burch & Purchese stash hidden at the back of the fridge, although I did demolish the hazelnut tart and Dad enjoyed the eclair. If your ever in Melbourne it is definitely well worth the side trip. 

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