Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All The Small Things

It's funny how the small things in my life can bring me happiness at the moment.

Today Emily had her first hearing test and follow up to the grommets that were put in last Christmas. She of course passed with flying colors and will have another test and follow up in 6 months time. To celebrate I thought we should go check out the toy department at Big W. This also included a blackcurrant poppa (and I probably should have checked the ingredients before giving it to her).

Emily thought all her Christmas's had come at once, wandering through the isles and pulling balls off shelves whilst guzzling that artificially colored, sugar laiden drink down. Then she found the baby dolls. Actually it was a talking Baby Alive to be exact and some bright spark had turned it on. It must have had a motion detector in it because every time someone walks past it says or does something. Funny how they put it at the perfect height for Emily to find.

Anyway I managed to compromise with her and traded a $5 dolls outfit for her own "baby" and got the big talking doll back on the shelf.

Back at home later the effects of the poppa had fully kicked in and Emily was running around in circles around the lounge room. She also spent a good hour with my camera yelling at me to smile and say "cheese" before pretending to take my photo. I left the room for two minutes and Emily had managed to tip all the clean, freshly folded clothes out of the washing basket and was putting my tracksuit pants on her head when I came back.

Why can't you go out in a t-shirt as a skirt, Dora slippers and an evening bag?

What the hell do they put in those things? You'd think she'd just snorted an ounce of cocaine the way she sped around the house! 

Finally a reprieve with a bottle of milk and her "baby" had to have one too. It was very cute. 

With everything going on, both at home and the shop, it's moments like these that give me joy and remind me why I'm working so hard. This precious little girl is my everything. 

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