Friday, April 13, 2012

Things I Love

Things I love.....

  • Morning cuddles and kisses from my daughter, especially if she gets in our bed between hubby and I
  • Walking in bare feet on freshly cut lawn
  • Eating salty popcorn till my lips sting

  • Open fires and sitting so close you bum burns

  • Freshly washed sheets and pyjamas. Whats the point of fresh sheets without fresh PJ's?
  • Coloring in with Emily, especially when she dictates what part of the picture I can color
  • Ripping the foil and getting that first whiff of a fresh jar of coffee
  • Reading a good peace......cover to cover.......
  • Hot showers on really cold nights
  • Going to sleep with my feet touching my husbands
  • Hot roast lamb on a cold Sunday for lunch with all the family
  • Friday night drinks with friends
  • Singing to tunes I love at the top of my voice in the car
  • Christmas.......
  • Cooking anything from a Jamie Oliver cookbook

  • Watching my hubby play with Emily

There are so many things I love. Most of all I'm grateful that I get to enjoy all these things and live the life I was given.

What do you love?


  1. Yes, Popcorn till my lips hurt too, but for me it's also salt n vinegar chips! Love the list..

  2. ditch the roast lamb and I am all over your list.

    And what about freshly shaved/waxed legs and crawling into bed with crisp lined dried sheets. BLISS.


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