Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Hell of a Day!!!

Seriously what a day! Dropped Miss E off to childcare only to get a phone call an hour later saying she had fallen off a chair and hit her head really hard on their floor and although there was no lump, she was very tired and very unhappy. So I called the only person I could, my Mum. Thank goodness for Mums. She came into the shop immediately and took over so I could race to childcare and find a perfectly OK little girl. But since Mum was already there and I had turned up to collect Miss E, I thought I might as well take her out for the rest of the day and she can spend it with my Mum.

Before we leave it's noted she doesn't have her cardigan and it happens to be one of the coldest summers day since I don't know when (it actually snowed on the mountain today). I was informed she was eating strawberries straight out of the garden and got juice all down the front so they have it in the laundry soaking. Who the hell supervises these kids???

Anyway back to my little shop which was dead from wind, rain and cold to find Mum giving out all the wrong information to a prospective supplier of recycled children's clothing. Great! I inform Mum that Miss E has no cardigan and is cold, hasn't had a nap yet and it's way past her bedtime, and has had three helpings of lunch so no need to feed her. I ask Mum to swing past our place on the way home and pick up a bottle, nappies and cardigan so Miss E would be comfortable, fed and warm for the rest of the day. "Try to get her to bed as soon as you get home because she'll be going mental from being over tired" I say.

At 2pm the phone rings and it's Mum. "I just got Miss E off to bed now. We stopped at the supermarket on the way home because I realised I didn't have the key to your house with me, and I bought some nappies, a bottle and some size 1 winter PJ's because I thought they'd be more useful than a jumper. It's really strange but she didn't want any lunch." The nappies and PJ's were too small and the bottle was the wrong brand! By the way so you think she heard me about Miss E having 3 helpings of lunch so no need to feed her??? Aaarrrggghhh!

At 4pm I close the shop after having a whole 2 customers for the day. I call Mum on the way who informs me Miss E is up and fine. I ask her does she think she's up to getting the groceries if I take her to Aldis now and Mum replies "yes". Wrong!! She was grumpy, tired, running green snotty nose and red swollen eyes. Poor bub. I finally placate her with my wallet. She loves to pull the cards in and out of their slots.

On the way home I get McDonald's because hubby is buggered and there's no way I'm cooking after that. Miss E refuses to eat, insists on sitting on my knee watching Ra Ra the noisy lion over and over, and then refuses to put on her PJ's. Following her down the hallway she sees Daddy and makes a dash for him. She tumbles down three tiled steps before I could stop her and pierces her lip with her tooth. Bugger!!! We spend the next hour with a cold face washer, dummy, bottle, stuffed toys and Ra Ra trying to calm her down. Thank God it only took 10 minutes to actually get her to sleep.

A bit of a fat lip :-(

Tomorrow she is supposed to get her 18 month vaccination but somehow I think I'll be rescheduling. All I can say is Thank God today is over and now I'm off to bed........Goodnight!

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